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Are you ready for Q-Day?

A key size of 4096 bits in traditional cryptography is believed to be unbreakable in an acceptable time frame using brute force factoring.

The day when quantum computing power will render the prime number factorization-based algorithms meaningless for encryption, because they can be cracked easily by quantum computing power, is referred to as Q-Day.


It is time for Enterprises to act immediately.

It would take a classical computer over 100 years to crack an RSA-2048 bit encryption key. A quantum computer can do the same job in just ten seconds with 4099 stable qubits.

It is expected that such quantum computing capabilities will be commercially available in the next 2-3 years, which will render traditional encryption methodologies powerless.

With data being the supreme asset in digital age, it is imperative to adopt Quantum-Safe Cryptography.


IronCAP™ Cryptography is designed to protect your data today and in the quantum future.

It can be applied to many vertical applications like:

  • Email encryption
  • File encryption
  • Digital signature
  • Blockchain security
  • Remote access / VPN
  • Cloud storage
  • Credit card security
  • Website Security
  • Password Management